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Honestly Now, Do You Think Review Platforms Give The Best Tools To Get Positive Reviews?

Platforms like Trustpilot, Yotpo & Reviews IO require you to have a paid subscription to use their review invitation features.

They offer limited options to segment your best customers, which makes it hard to get positive reviews while avoiding negative ones.

With their campaign you can only send review invites post-purchase and one reminder, which is not enough to get maximum reviews from your customers.

But what if you could solve those issues for a fraction of Trustpilot premium subscription & without hiring more staff to manage your review process?

Here’s How StackTome Can Help You Get More Positive Reviews From Your Customers

Import review and orders data

It takes only a few clicks integrate to your review platform and e-commerce accounts. Then we import the data to structure your reports & display your best reviews.

Setup a review invitation campaign

Invite your customers to leave service and product reviews on multiple review platforms. Set up branded email campaigns with automated follow-ups, and track results in one centralized dashboard.

Send Campaigns & Track Performance

See how your reviews impact your conversion rate, AOV & your customer lifetime value. Compare this month’s performance to the previous period.

Get Notified as Soon as the Review Received

With StackTome, you can respond to feedback in two ways: by responding to them via Zendesk or email; by following up with email sequences. Either way, you can make sure your customer issues are taken care of quickly.



Director, Hipper

"We were using competitor's services initially and couldn't collect product reviews due to development requirements and additional costs. With StackTome, we not only managed to collect product reviews from Trustpilot, but we also reduced our overall bill by 50%! We haven't even started exploring all other features that Stacktome provides. I would recommend StackTome to anyone that would like to get more out of their reviews."


Content Manager, MotoCMS

"Our review count increased by 35% almost instantly. What is more, I was expecting it to be too time-consuming, but automatization rules and machine learning saved me numerous hours. The team behind StackTome does a great job! Overall, the experience so far is great."


Head of Business, arttdinox

"Our customers read reviews to make informed decisions, and StackTome did a good job helping us to build more trust in our business. Shortly after starting to use StackTome's reviews management tool, we saw a remarkable increase in the number of reviews our customers left. Plus, we saw an increase in the conversion rate of our store!"

StackTome vs. Alternatives

Reviews Collection

Email Invites

100,000 per month

500 per month

2500 per month

Custom Email templates

Support of Multiple Review Platforms

Invite only

Conversion Tracking

Customizable widget

Sentiment score filtering

CLV and Rating Reports

Customer Segmented invitations

Fixed pricing

5 Strategies To Get More Positive Reviews Faster For Your D2C eCom Brand

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find inside:

Set up a review initiation email campaign for your best customers.

Use reminders to increase the performance of your review invitation campaign.

Increase your review rating by sending reminders to loyal customers.

Improve left review rating by responding to reviewers.

Reach more customers by tracking and optimizing invite emails.

A Message From The Founder

As an eCommerce manager, I know how difficult and expensive it can be to get more positive reviews for a brand. I have seen how differences in a review management process have a significant impact on a company’s online reputation.

I’m committed to helping other eCommerce brand managers make their work-life easier by providing better tools and processes that helped to improve my brand’s reputation and decrease review platform costs.

I'll guide you personally to ensure you get the most out of StackTome.