FBA Refund Finders

If you've been selling through FBA for a while, maybe you've noticed something's off...

Month after month inventory is damaged, lost or mishandled. Packages have the wrong size. Returns are wrong... And guess what? For all of these issues and many others, Amazon owes you money!

And most of the time they "forget" to pay you back.

So if you're not on top of your reports and keeping Amazon accountable, fighting for your hard-earned money, chances are you've got cash waiting to be recovered. And it can really add up.

That's where we come in...

At FBA Refund Finders we audit your reports, identify discrepancies that eat up your profit margins, then go head-to-head against Amazon to pay back what you're entitled to. With no stress or headaches on your side.

We solve all your FBA-related issues that are eligible for reimbursements at no up-front fee. We just charge a small commission after your money is already in your pocket. Easy profit for you.

From our experience with a wide range of sellers of a variety of niches and sizes:

• You will recover an average of 1 to 3% of gross revenue. Revenue which will become pure profit and help you improve your flexibility, product quality, and customer service. There have been months with 15-18% of revenue recovered for some of our clients;

• You'll have no additional headaches. We handle everything, from auditing reports to getting Amazon support on the phone. You can be as involved or detached in the process as you like. We work with you to have a pleasant and profitable experience;

• Security is a huge priority. All Amazon guidelines are respected to the fullest. We maintain Amazon Selling Partner credentials and we keep in step with all the best security and accounting practices to keep your account and data safe;

• Your returns will be the maximum we can get. Because we stretch the guidelines as far as we can to get the most out of Amazon's errors, while maintaining the respect and prudence necessary to keep your business safe. So even if you're using another solution to aid you with your reimbursements, we can integrate seamlessly to go that extra mile.

So how will these extra profits help grow your business?

Let's get in touch and find out.

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