How gift store leverages customer reviews to increase website sales using StackTome

A leading gift ecommerce store with over million unique visitors per month.

Key results

Visitors who read the reviews had a ~16% higher conversion rate

The increase resulted in additional 600 orders and an extra $30.000 in revenue each month.

The client started managing reviews with StackTome 20 weeks ago, and these increased results continue to persist

The challenge

The ecommerce team knew that customer reviews have an effect on website sales. Unfortunately, it was not trivial to measure how much reviews have an impact. The team also had difficulty getting all the data required to create comparison reports.

The solution

StackTome provided a way not just to display relevant reviews on different landing pages. First, it collected all the data on two visitor cohorts: those who have read and haven't read reviews. Then using A/B split test, allowed to generate a report comparing different visitor conversion rates. After measuring results from 50.000 unique visitors, ecommerce team was convinced that the outcome showing a total 4% conversion rate improvement was significant.

"Our customers read reviews to make informed decisions, and StackTome did a good job helping us to build more trust in our business. Shortly after starting to use StackTome's reviews management tool, we saw a remarkable increase in the number of reviews our customers left. Plus, we saw an increase in the conversion rate of our store!"

– Tom, Director of Customer Experience

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